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October 31, 2017

what does conch taste like

There are A LOT of things you’ll find in the ocean and a conch is one of them. It is often associated with a snail because it’s slimy and has a spiral shell as its means of protection and shelter. This creature is a delicacy in the Caribbean Archipelago.

To people who love eating seafood, your taste buds shouldn’t be limited to fish, crabs, shrimp, etc. Some mollusks such as conch will do you good. But what does conch taste like? More so, what in the world is conch?

If you have no idea what conch is, read on to find out what it is and what does it taste like.


What Is A Conch?

Before going into the details of what conch tastes like, what is it in the first place?

Conch is a part of the mollusk family and is pronounced “konk”. Its scientific name is “Strombus Gigas.”

what does conch taste like

These sea snails can be found in shallow waters in the Caribbean where they grow and mate. Conchs weigh about two pounds when fully mature -- this happens over a three-year period. As years go by, it increases its shell size by three inches annually. The lifespan of this creature is roughly six to ten years.

Since it’s a favorite seafood in the Caribbean, it has been harvested a lot by fishermen to supply the demand in home cooking, restaurants, food stalls, hotels, etc. As a result, it has been consideration as an endangered species in Florida.

If you want to know what it looks like and how it’s harvested to be eaten, watch the video below.

Benefits And Nutritional Value Of Conch

what does conch taste like
  • A conch is rich in protein and healthy omega fats. A serving of 3 ounces of conch has 111 calories with only 1 gram of fat and a staggering 22.4 grams of protein -- perfect for gym rats. It’s low in carbohydrates too with only about 1.4 grams
  • It is also rich in Vitamin A and iron which is necessary for the perfect 20/20 eyesight and a healthy flow of the bloodstream. It’s also said that conch can cure migraines, headaches and blurred vision
  • Furthermore, physicians have said that conch can prevent cardiovascular diseases as well

What Does It Taste Like?

You can find conch everywhere in Caribbean Archipelago. It’s very popular. But what exactly does it taste like?

It depends on how it’s prepared. Conch on its own is salty and is tasteless. Its texture though is rubbery and soft when chewed, and has a flavor profile of crab and hints of salmon.

what does conch taste like

While it’s flavor is very weird and unique, just like any other shell fish, it tastes of the sea. Some people say it’s flavor is similar to clams minus the fishy smell.

It can be eaten raw as a form of sushi or salad. The vegetables from the salad and any zesty vinaigrette used is a perfect combination that match the flavor profile of conch. Japanese rice and fresh conch dipped in soy sauce with wasabi is soooo good too!

Another dish would be conch fritters with crunchy breading. Its tender meat dipped in tartar sauce (my mouth is watering just mentioning those foods) is actually a favorite street food in the Caribbean.

Helpful Tips On How To Cook And Eat Conch

When you’re going to try raw conch, I suggest dipping it in a sauce with a bit of zest. The acid and sweetness from the sauce flavors and cooks the conch.

what does conch taste like
what does conch taste like

I also suggest you hammer the conch meat by using a mallet before cooking it. Don’t forget this or else, your conch will be rubbery and hard to chew.

If you don’t have a hammer, slice it thinly and cook it gently to achieve a tender meat.

what does conch taste like

Recipe: Conch Salad

what does conch taste like


Serves: 4 person


  • 1 kg of fresh and clean conch meat
  • ¼ Cup of orange juice
  • 2 Tbsp of lime and lemon juice
  • 1 Jalapeno or habanero pepper, finely minced
  • 2 Tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp of salt
  • 1 Tsp of chopped cilantro
  • Half off medium size cucumber, peeled and finely minced
  • ½ yellow, red, green bell pepper, finely minced
  • ¼ medium size red onion, finely minced
  • ¼ Cup of tomato, finely minced
  • ¼ Cup ripe avocado, finely minced



Combine all ingredients in a large glass bowl except the tomato and avocado


Gently mix together by using a spoon or your bare hands (use plastic gloves). Leave it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours in order for the flavors to develop


Before serving it, add the tomato and avocado. Enjoy!

what does conch taste like


When you’re going to eat seafood, there are a lot of choices to decide other than fish. I suggest you try conch because it goes well with a lot of recipes -- just channel the inner chef in you and be creative. Most importantly, it contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy.

Now, that you know what a conch is and what does it taste like, go and try it out for yourself! I promise that it won’t disappoint.

what does conch taste like

Did you find this article useful? Have you had any experience with eating conch? If you can recommend other conch recipes, feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share this post. Take care mate!

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