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10 Amazing Substitutes For Cumin That Are Hidden In Your Pantry

For a chef who owns an Indian restaurant, running out of cumin is a total deal breaker due to its unique flavor and aroma. Actually, I’ve had many encounters with my kitchen helpers because they keep on using too much cumin in various dishes (can’t blame them because it’s a signature seasoning of every Indian restaurant).

Little did I know there are actually good substitutes for cumin that you can find stocked in your humble pantry. You don’t need to keep on running to the grocery to buy cumin because you might find an excellent substitute just right in the corner of the room.

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How To Reheat Nachos In Two Best Ways

how to reheat nachos

Are you a newbie when it comes to reheating leftover and/or frozen foods? Are you always worried if you are doing the right thing? Are you curious if you can maintain nacho’s crispiness and how long it will stay crisp? If you have these kinds of questions, then this you might learn a thing or two from this post.

Before we learn how to reheat nachos in the fastest and most effective way, let us first start with the origin of Nachos and how they became a favorite amongst all ages and families.

Nachos are a favorite delicacy and snack across all countries. It actually originated from Mexico and is usually served with salsa dip. Nachos are now available in different set of flavors, far from its humble beginnings in Mexico. Even the dips that go along with it had different tastes and varieties as well.

We also love our nachos hot because it boosts the crunchiness which everyone loves about the chips. Another great thing about Nachos is that it is actually the go-to snack of people whenever there are sleepovers, football matches, or even friendly hangouts. It is quick to prepare and easy to eat.

If you’re a Nacho lover and you passed by your favourite Nacho shop, you’ll naturally want to take home the glorious food. But how do you keep its taste and texture fresh until you munch on it the next day? What do you need to do to maintain the crunchiness of those really good chips?

Without further ado, let us now proceed on the best ways to reheat nachos which will only take you 5 minutes or less.

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Extra Hot Guidelines: How To Freeze Chili

How To Freeze Chili

Great, you made a huge batch of chili - yes, that’s too much to consume in one sitting. Can’t take in anymore chili? What do you do with the leftovers? You can eat chili for a whole week if you're really addicted to it....or you could stash the leftovers in the freezer.

how to freeze chili

Well, before you decide on freezing the remaining chili let it cool down first to room temperature -- this minimizes the time the chili spends in the “temperature danger zone” and prevents rapid bacterial growth. 

Cmon! I’ll show you how to freeze chili and store it forever (just kidding).

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12 Amazing Substitutes For Goat Cheese You Should Try Right Now


I really love goat cheese to the point of marrying it...yes ladies, sorry. Whenever a recipe calls for cheese, I make it a priority to go out and get some. Even if a certain recipe tells you that the “best” for this dish is mozzarella, cheddar, or blue cheese (yuck!), I simply go for goat cheese because I'm a sucker for it.

However, goat cheese is not always available in supermarkets which is why I have to let go of my obsession with it and use other substitute for goats cheese if it’s not on grocery shelves.

substitute for goat cheese

Whether you’re like me, a goat cheese fanatic who simply refuses to use other cheeses, or you simply aren’t a fan of its taste hence the quest for substitutes, this list I’ve created will give you 12 amazing substitutes for goats cheese.

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11 Amazing Substitutes For Smoked Paprika You Have No Idea About

substitute for smoked paprika

Spices are an important part of cooking mainly because they add flavor and aroma. A combination of spices can turn something boring and bland to the most delicious meal you have ever tasted.

Smoked paprika is a very popular spice which adds a characteristic bright color and richness to any food. It is made by grinding dried pods of pepper plants like bell or chili peppers.

substitute for smoked paprika

Does your recipe tell you to use smoked paprika but there’s none left in your pantry? Or are you simply looking for a hotter alternative to spice things up a bit? Finding a substitute for smoked paprika is easy -- actually, you may not need to look further than your pantry for great paprika substitutes.

Note: The substitutes below come in many heat levels. You should consider your options according to your personal and those you wish to serve the dish to’s preferences.

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How To Thicken BBQ Sauce In 5 Easy Steps

How To Thicken BBQ Sauce

Barbecue sauce is commonly used in various dishes because it elevates the dish to a higher level. It's tangy, sour, sweet, and salty flavor adds a “wow factor” in soups, meats, appetizers, vegetables, sandwiches, and so on.

I really hate it when restaurants serve a slab of ribs with a runny barbecue sauce that’s like water and doesn’t stick to the meat.

Anyway, If you’re one of those BBQ fanatics like me, and you can’t get enough of this sauce, this post will show you how to thicken your BBQ sauce in 5 easy steps.

  • exclamation
    Note: All of the mentioned thickening methods aren’t exclusively for barbecue sauce, it can also be used in other sauces.
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How To Store Meringues? The Best Way To Keep It Crisp For Months

How To Store Meringues

Ever had that craving for something sweet and crispy? I sometimes look for something different from the usual cakes, brownies, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc.

One afternoon, my mom went home with these colorful candies that look like flowers. I tried one and its heavenly taste instantly hit me! It’s sweet, crispy and a little chewy on the inside. “What are these mom?” She said, “son those are meringues”.

I told my mom to buy more so that we can stock up on these glorious sweets. Instead, my mom made a batch from scratch. Months later, it’s still crispy and chewy! I did a little research on how to store meringues and let me share it with you.

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How To Reheat Risotto? The Fastest Way Possible

How To Reheat Risotto

Did you prepare risotto last night for your party, but didn’t factor in how many batches you should cook? You’re left with a lot of leftover risotto and have no idea how to reheat it? Please don’t throw it in the bin! We have a remedy for that.

Reheating risotto is not easy because it’s difficult to bring the flavor back when it was first cooked and storing it in the refrigerator makes it dry. Don’t fret my friend! I’ve found helpful methods on how to reheat risotto efficiently and bring its flavor back.

But first…

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