How To Melt Nutella: 3 Simple Ways You Can Do

How to melt nutella

If you’ve been a fan of Nutella, you probably know how delicious it is when you spread it on bread or use for recipes, like frosting and cheesecake. However, it’s gooey goodness can’t be enjoyed if it’s all hard and tough. If you like to melt Nutella in a pinch, then you come to the right place.

A hard Nutella is what I usually get when I place its jar inside the fridge. Sometimes the cold temperature in my kitchen can solidify the consistency of my chocolate spread. Since the difficulty of spreading it to bread give me a problem, I scoured the internet for some easy and fast measures in melting it.


What You’ll Need


Of course, the first thing you’ll need for this tutorial is a jar of Nutella which has become difficult to spread. As you already know, Nutella is a brand of chocolate spread produced by the Italian company, Ferrero. Several ingredients that make up this wonderful product include cocoa, hazelnuts, and milk.

If you want to know how to make your own Nutella, watch this video.

I usually store my Nutella in the refrigerator to extend its shelf-life. This explains why I always deal with hard Nutella each time I need it. Although you can leave the jar at room temperature to soften, it takes a lot of time.

Additional Items

For Method 1


A butter knife is often made with a saber shape and a sharp-pointed tip. As its name implies, this dining tool is used to serve out the butter. For this method, you’ll not use it for butter but for melting a jar of Nutella.

Also, the butter knife can work in scooping your Nutella out from the jar and spreading it on the bread. Alternatively, you can use a stainless steel spoon if you have no butter knife available.

For Method 2


If you want to prevent the Nutella to create a mess inside your microwave, you can use a plastic wrap to cover the bowl. Make sure that the plastic wrap is durable and can endure high temperatures without melting. Alternatively, you can use any available lid you have in your kitchen as long as it fits your bowl.

For Method 3

  • BOWL

Again, you’ll need a spoon to stir the Nutella. This will even out the temperature and melt the Nutella thoroughly. Alternatively, you can use a butter knife or a fork instead of a spoon.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Method 1: Melting With A Butter Knife

If you want some melted Nutella for your bread or toast, then using a hot butter knife is a great method. I usually do this during breakfast with a cup of my favorite coffee.

1. Dip The Butter Knife

To begin, prepare your hot drink: coffee, tea, or cocoa. While your beverage is hot, dip the butter knife or place it on top of the cup until it’s heated through. This usually takes a couple of minutes.

2. Spread

Once your knife is heated through, take it out from the cup. Gently cut the amount of Nutella you want and spread it on your toast. If the Nutella becomes stiff again, return the knife back into your warm cup.

Method 2: Nuking In The Microwave

If you’re in a pinch to melt a large amount of Nutella, then the microwave is your best bet. It’s important to note though that the Nutella might turn out to be a bit more liquidy.

1. Scoop Out Some Nutella

From a jar of Nutella, use your spoon to scoop out the desired amounts for your bread or recipe. Place the Nutella in the microwave-safe bowl of your choice. At this point, you may cover the bowl with a plastic wrap to prevent any spills.

2. Microwave For 15 Seconds

Now, heat the Nutella in the microwave. This usually takes about 15 seconds, but if the Nutella is still tough, heat it for 10 seconds more. Repeat as necessary until it reaches the right consistency.

3. Stir And Use

Once it reaches your desired consistency, take it out from the microwave.

To distribute the heat evenly, stir the Nutella with a spoon. Use the Nutella as you prefer.

Method 3: Hot Water Bath

If all you need is the entire jar of Nutella, then the hot water bath is a great method. It may be an easy method but it takes a longer time as compared to other methods.

1. Prepare The Bowl

To begin, put hot water into the bowl. Fill the bowl halfway, and not full or you’ll end with water spilling over your working surface.

2. Put The Nutella Jar In The Bowl

Once the bowl is filled with water, put the Nutella jar. Let the jar sit for about five minutes to melt the contents inside. After five minutes have passed, open the jar and check if the Nutella is melted.

If the Nutella is still hard, stir it with your spoon. Return the Nutella jar back into the bowl and let it sit for another three minutes. Stir again to reach desired consistency.

Pro Tips

  • When melting the Nutella in the microwave, try stirring the jar of Nutella with a spoon before you heat it. The friction caused by the stirring motion will melt the spread a little.
  • Resist the urge to microwave Nutella in its jar because it can erupt in your microwave. Remember to use a microwave-safe bowl.
  • Always stir your Nutella from time to time. This doesn’t only even out the temperature but it can also prevent the chocolate spread from getting too grainy.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy learning how to melt Nutella in three methods? Thanks to these methods, I can already use this chocolate spread even if it’s hard from the fridge. All you need are some hot sources, like a hot cup of beverage, microwave, or a hot bowl of water.

If you have done melting Nutella using any of these methods, tell us the results in the comments section. Don’t be shy to share this article with your friends if you like it.

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