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October 20, 2017


Almost everyone I know loves potato salad, do you? Do you wake up at night to open the fridge looking for leftover potato salad? I know I do!

This delicious meal is super easy to make and will surely satisfy your cravings every night! The creamy, luscious taste of mayo (store bought or homemade) topped off with celery and paprika is truly irresistible.


can you freeze potato salad

In just 10 to 12 minutes you can make fresh potato salad, but can you freeze potato salad? This is a question that stays in the mind of many and you’re one lucky reader because I will help you out with that question.

Cooking Potato Salad Before Freezing

can you freeze potato salad

Before you store and freeze potato salad, you must get your cooking right. Getting the necessary results is all in the finesse of your cooking. When cooking potato salad, stick to the basics people!

Boiling the potatoes to perfection, making the mayo and seasoning ratio just right to flavor it, and finishing it off with a dash of paprika.

The first thing you must do is to select the perfect variety of potatoes. Waxy potatoes (like red bliss or fingerling) make salads that can last longer when frozen because waxy potatoes have less starch and are able to retain it’s shape when cooked.

can you freeze potato salad

Do not put potatoes in boiling water! The recommended procedure is putting the potatoes in a pot of cold water with salt then bring it to a boil over high heat.

When you see bubbles appear on top, lower the temperature to medium heat and simmer it until you can pierce the potatoes with a fork. This method will not only cook the potatoes perfectly but it will be soft and firm enough to store when frozen.

Once the potatoes are soft, season with salt and pepper right away. If you intend to freeze the salad, the best mayo to use are those commercially bought.

Homemade mayo doesn’t last long when it’s frozen. You may also bake the potatoes to make the salad.

can you freeze potato salad

Freezing Large Batches Of Potato Salad

When your potatoes are cooked, it’s essential to note that you can store it for seven days only. If you happen to have made a huge batch of potato salad for a party or birthday, don’t leave it to settle for 2 to 3 hours at room temperature and then freeze it.

This is a big NO NO, because the salad would have accumulated bacteria that will cause cross-contamination to the other foods in the refrigerator.

Freezing Homemade Potato Salad

can you freeze potato salad

When freezing the ingredients used in making the salad, it can lessen the flavor and taste. For this reason, it’s advisable to make a considerable portion of potato salad just enough for your family’s consumption.

If leftovers can’t be avoided, you can freeze them for 2 to 3 days only; after that period, the mayonnaise will separate and might ruin the salad.

If you really want to store potatoes salads longer (one week is the maximum storage period), prepare it then freeze it immediately. The salad will only last longer only if it doesn't absorb moisture.

The lesser the moisture it absorbs, the longer the period it stays in good shape. Investing in quality sealable, BPA-free, freezer-safe bags will keep it from drawing moisture.

can you freeze potato salad

You may also use airtight containers to freeze potato salads. Airtight containers in my opinion is more hygienic and the best way to store your salad than sealable bags.

To do this, scoop the the freshly cooked potato salad inside the container immediately after cooking. Do not overfill it because the salad will expand over time when frozen. Seal it tightly then store it in the freezer.

To know if your potato salad is still good to eat, label it with the date it was stored in the freezer.

Dressing and Seasoning Potato Salad

can you freeze potato salad

Dressing your potato salad the right way will help ease the process of freezing it for a longer period of time. The key thing to note when you're dressing and seasoning the potato salad is the temperature control.

If you’re using mayonnaise, dress it at low temperature, preferably chilled. When you’ve finished boiling the potatoes, soak them in a bowl with ice to stop the cooking process right away then let it sit there for 8 to 10 minutes before dressing.

If you are using vinaigrette on the other hand, dress the salad at warm temperature. Hot potatoes are ideal for vinaigrette because it absorbs the seasoning perfectly without it getting too oily.

can you freeze potato salad

Preparing The Ingredients Separately Before Freezing

Preparing and storing the ingredient separately is the best way to enjoy fresh potato salads every time your cravings act up. When ingredients like celery, mayo, eggs, and onions are already mixed together, they tend to derogate each other and the entire salad goes bad quickly.

Freeze the ingredients separately in airtight containers. Then mix them together only when you’re going to serve it for the best results.


Freezing potato salad may seem hard to do. However, reading and applying the necessary steps incorporated into the sections above can help you successfully freeze potato salads.

Always observe the temperature and take note of the end of cooking time and start of freezing time. You might want to store the potato salad after it has reached 41 degrees Fahrenheit after cooking. Store it in the freezer immediately.

And, don’t be greedy and cook a huge batch of it! Just make an amount you can consume without leaving leftovers.

You might want to watch this video to learn how to cook Jamie Oliver’s famous potato salad.

For further concerns, suggestions, or questions, kindly leave your comments in the section below. Don’t forget to share this post. Take care!

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