May 26, 2017

Can You Freeze Pepperoni? All You Need To Know About Pepperoni Storage

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Pepperoni is a delicious deli meat that can be used on almost any dish. In my opinion, pepperoni is a requirement for a delicious pizza since most of us wanted that unique and salty taste that can contrast other toppings we might think of putting in a pizza we wanted to cook.

Due to this excellent attribute, you might persuade yourself in buying them in bunches. Is that right? But you might be asking a lot of questions behind this fact. How long does it take for a pepperoni to reach spoilage? How do I effectively store a pepperoni? Can you freeze pepperoni?

Let us delve deeper and research on all the answers to the questions you might have regarding pepperonis. Let’s go and find out!


How Long Is The Shelf-Life Of Pepperoni And Other Deli Meats?

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Before we tackle the most important question if we can freeze a pepperoni, we should go over its shelf life first.

Pepperoni is mainly resistant to bacteria since it includes nitrites that could prevent bacteria from developing. Pepperoni is actually made from fermentation thus it has this advantage. Other deli meats can be observed with this attribute.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Preservatives, like nitrites, also help in prolonging the shelf life of most products. Most of us buy these products from supermarkets especially if we want to be thrifty since we can store them and use them again in prolonged intervals. They could last for some months before they expire or rot.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Even though these deli meats have preservatives in them, they still reach a point where in they go bad or rancid.

Of course, we do not want to consume them so to give us an idea on how long do these deli meats last before expiring, here is a table that we need to take note of whenever we buy deli meats. Make sure that you take note of them alright?

Deli Meat "Use by" Date​




A little past expiration date

A little past expiration date

Fresh Deli Meats longevity

6-7 Days

14-15 Days

Pre-packaged Deli Meats longevity

8-10 Days

5-9 Months




Fresh Deli Meats longevity

6-7 Days                      

10-12 Days                  

Pepperoni longevity

3-4 Weeks

5-9 Months

  • In the table, you already saw how long a pepperoni could last in the freezer. An unopened package of pepperoni can last for up to 8 to 9 months.

So, Can You Freeze Pepperoni?

Absolutely! Follow these two simple guidelines to make sure that you freeze the pepperoni to its full potential.

STEP 1: Slice Your Pepperoni

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Freezing pepperoni sticks is not actually advised unless you are planning to use it all once it thaws. Follow this step and vary the cut of each slice.

STEP 2: Split into Batches

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Split the pepperoni into different batches. Store each one in a zip lock bag. You should be able to split the bags according to how thick the slices are.

Do not forget to write the expiration date on each of the ziplock bags. Always remember that the frozen pepperoni could last for more than a year but to be sure, consume up until 6 to 8 months.

THAWING: A Rather Important Process

It is not enough that we learn the answer to the question if we can freeze pepperoni. It is also important that we know how to thaw pepperoni that came from its frozen state. Follow these simple steps and make sure you take note of every step there is.

STEP 1: Choose the Batch that you will use

Make sure you select the only batch you will use. From my previous pro tip, varying the cuts will help you out even further. Thick slices work better with sandwiches, and the thinner slice works better in pizza, pasta, and salads.

STEP 2: Thaw in the Fridge

Place the chosen bags in the fridge and leave them overnight. You can actually choose to do these one or two days in advance to make sure it is properly thawed.

To further help you out, here is a direct link from a YouTube video that can further explain how a pepperoni is being stored.

For additional information, you can also check out this video on how you can effectively store food leftovers. Since we are already talking about the shelf life of foods, it is best also to get information on how to store other foods.

In Other Words

It is really easy to prolong and store a pepperoni, right? By following these simple steps, we now know that we can freeze a pepperoni. I am sure that after reading through this, you are now a certified pro when it comes to food storing.

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