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October 24, 2017

can you freeze cottage cheese instead?

So you found out that your nearest department store had cottage cheese on sale and you decided to hoard lots for yourself, only to find out that don’t have space in your chiller. So you ask yourself, can you freeze cottage cheese instead?

Fear not! Yes you may freeze it. But, you wouldn’t want to do it every single time.


can you freeze cottage cheese instead?

Uses Of Cottage Cheese

can you freeze cottage cheese instead?

Cottage cheese is a soft cheese variety that is drained but not pressed. Cottage cheese is not colored or aged unlike some popular hard cheese varieties like parmesan or swish.

 You may notice a yellowish shade around cottage cheese which is actually the fat level of the milk. Cottage cheese comes in three sizes: large, medium and small curds. This refers to the size of the chunks in the cheese.

Cottage cheese is made from leftover milk after making the butter. The process of acidification makes the milk. Also, it results to the characteristic sour taste of the cheese due to the addition of a coagulant such as rennet.

This coagulant causes the proteins in the milk to curd and the liquid to separate. The final step consist of draining the remaining whey using a colander. After draining, you may add salt, herbs, and spices to give it a unique flavor.

Cottage cheese is a very versatile food item. 

You can mix it with sweet and savory dishes and it can also be incorporated into casseroles, tarts, pizza, pasta dishes, and baked goods like cinnamon rolls, muffins, or as spread in breads. Also, you may consume it on it’s own if you like.

Cottage cheese is great for people who are on a low-fat, high protein diet because it’s high in protein, phosphorus, Vitamin A and B, calcium, and healthy fats.

How To Make Cottage Cheese

I love to make my own cheese so If you’re interested in making your own cottage cheese at home as well, make the video below your guide. It helped me a lot!

When To Freeze Cottage Cheese

can you freeze cottage cheese instead?

When freezing cottage cheese, you have to take note that it’s a soft kind of cheese so when you freeze it, the fat of this cheese separates from the rest of its components. Expect if to be granny and watery after thawing it.

If you plan to hoard on cottage cheese, here are some tips on when to freeze them:

  • When you’re going to bake and sell it right away and you intend to use the cheese for making cheesecakes, muffins, cupcakes, or cheese bars.
  • You’re going to cook a large batch of baked lasagna, penne or mac and cheese.
  • When you simply don’t care about its texture and appearance and you’re on a diet. Store every piece of cottage cheese you have to make veggies and cottage cheese dip, scrambled egg whites with cottage cheese, or fruit popsicles with low-fat cottage cheese.
  • The cottage cheese will have a baby-food like appearance and texture when stored for a while. 

 When Not To Freeze Cottage Cheese

can you freeze cottage cheese instead?

Although frozen cottage cheese is still edible, it may not look very appetizing on the eyes.

It is not ideal to freeze cottage cheese when:

  • You’ll serve it as a snack dip or spread on bread.
  • Some of your guests or family member are meticulous about flavor and texture.

Final Thoughts

can you freeze cottage cheese instead?

Freezing indeed allows you to store your cottage cheese longer, but it’s associated with risks too. The flavor deteriorates overtime, the texture isn’t the same as it was when it was originally purchased, and when you’re going to serve or eat it, it may not look presentable on the plate.

An unopened container of cottage cheese has a shelf life of about 3-6 months past the expiry date on the label as long as it’s kept on the chiller. On the other hand, an opened cottage cheese stored in the freezer lasts about 2-3 months past the expiry date. I suggest you consume it right away for a better flavor.

Did you find this article useful? Have you decided to freeze your cottage cheese? Feel free to comment below! Don’t forget to share this post. Take care folks!

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