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May 17, 2017

The Best Way To Reheat Chinese Food: 3 Options You Can Try

Best Way To Reheat Chinese Food

Do you have a lot of Chinese food left in the fridge for the next meal? If you do, then this article will try to help you find the best way to reheat Chinese food like they’re good as new. You don’t have to worry about mushy leftovers after trying all these tricks.

I put this list together after having a lot of Chinese food leftovers the other day. Since it will be a waste to throw them in the garbage, I keep them in the fridge and search for better ways to reheat them when they’re needed. If you’re curious to know, check the list below.

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Cure Your Cravings! 3 of the Most Delightful Subway Tuna Salad Recipes

Subway Tuna Salad Recipe

Classic Tuna Salad is my go-to lunch from Subway because it’s healthy and most importantly, it’s tasty. Their tuna salad is the most delightful salad I’ve ever tasted and admit it, the dressing is even more perfect, right? I’ve enjoyed and loved it since I was in college up until now.

Though I’d regularly go on a diet after gaining a few pounds (I’m not very disciplined, you know) every time I have attained my goal weight, I still can’t resist ordering tuna salad whenever I pass by Subway.

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April 26, 2017

7 Super Easy Texas Toast Cooking Instructions: #7 Is The Best

Are you planning to make some Texas toast but don’t know how? Then you come to the right place. In this article, I’ll list the Texas toast cooking instructions for your convenience.

When we say Texas toast, we can expect thick-sliced bread that’s flavored with butter and garlic oil. I get to know this stuff when I was making some toast the other day. If you’re excited to make some Texas toast, keep on reading.

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