5 Of The Best Sabatier Knives Reviews For Your Kitchen

A chef’s nightmare is a dull knife. Ever tried slicing a piece of fish, chicken, meat or some vegetables with it? It’s not fun at all and can be dangerous! In fact, there are more cases of cutting accidents that involve a dull knife than sharp-edged ones.

That is why it’s important to get a piece of knife that doesn't dull easily and can be sharpened with less effort. If you're looking for the said knives, I always think about a certain brand, the Sabatier.

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10 Amazing Substitutes For Cumin That Are Hidden In Your Pantry

For a chef who owns an Indian restaurant, running out of cumin is a total deal breaker due to its unique flavor and aroma. Actually, I’ve had many encounters with my kitchen helpers because they keep on using too much cumin in various dishes (can’t blame them because it’s a signature seasoning of every Indian restaurant).

Little did I know there are actually good substitutes for cumin that you can find stocked in your humble pantry. You don’t need to keep on running to the grocery to buy cumin because you might find an excellent substitute just right in the corner of the room.

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A Cheat Guide On How To Reheat Fried Chicken

how to reheat fried chicken

Crispy, flavorful, and juicy fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food for the soul especially dipped in hot gravy mmmmmm… so good! It’s a staple in our house and we cook it two to three times a week. Sometimes we order from KFC if we're too lazy to prepare it.

With that being said, we rarely finish everything because we often have one piece per person, so we’re forced to store it in the refrigerator.

Over the years of eating stale chicken, I have learned the best ways to reheat it to maintain its crispiness and juiciness. So for this post, I will show you a cheat guide on how to reheat fried chicken.

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The Best Poultry Shears You Should Spend On (Top 5 Picks)

Every kitchen should have a pair of poultry shears, kitchen shears, or scissors - no matter what you call them, they make food preparation easier.

They are commonly used in breaking down chicken parts (hence the name), but can also be ideal with other tasks such as cutting twine, chopping the lid off a squirt bottle, or opening up a vacuum-wrapped item.

If you’re on the look out for the best poultry shears you can buy in the market, leave the job to men. I’m here to help you choose the best poultry shears you should spend on.

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How To Reheat Nachos In Two Best Ways

how to reheat nachos

Are you a newbie when it comes to reheating leftover and/or frozen foods? Are you always worried if you are doing the right thing? Are you curious if you can maintain nacho’s crispiness and how long it will stay crisp? If you have these kinds of questions, then this you might learn a thing or two from this post.

Before we learn how to reheat nachos in the fastest and most effective way, let us first start with the origin of Nachos and how they became a favorite amongst all ages and families.

Nachos are a favorite delicacy and snack across all countries. It actually originated from Mexico and is usually served with salsa dip. Nachos are now available in different set of flavors, far from its humble beginnings in Mexico. Even the dips that go along with it had different tastes and varieties as well.

We also love our nachos hot because it boosts the crunchiness which everyone loves about the chips. Another great thing about Nachos is that it is actually the go-to snack of people whenever there are sleepovers, football matches, or even friendly hangouts. It is quick to prepare and easy to eat.

If you’re a Nacho lover and you passed by your favourite Nacho shop, you’ll naturally want to take home the glorious food. But how do you keep its taste and texture fresh until you munch on it the next day? What do you need to do to maintain the crunchiness of those really good chips?

Without further ado, let us now proceed on the best ways to reheat nachos which will only take you 5 minutes or less.

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What Is Mead And What Does Mead Taste Like?

What Is Mead

“Nectar of the Gods” or “Ambrosia” as they say in Greek Mythology is the famous alcoholic drink back then. Currently, we know it by the term “mead”.
Also known as honey “wine”, mead is an ancient drink which is older than beer and wine. In fact, beer and wine are considered as descendants of mead. But despite it being old, mead is unknown to most people. That’s the reason why Don’t worry I’m here to talk about what is mead and what does it taste like.
First, let me introduce to you a brief history of mead.

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How To Choose The Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove?

Best Tea Kettle for Gas Stove

This article is geared towards guiding you on how to choose the best tea kettle for gas stove along with the top options to choose from.


So, how do you make a perfect cup of your favorite tea? Indeed, you would consider a kettle which heats water up to your ideal temperature, right? Well, the best tea kettle for gas stove might offer an excellent result.
Though shopping for the right kettle is a daunting task for the majority, there are still numbers of shoppers who would exert effort, time and money just to have the best one. That’s why I would provide you a buying guide and reviews as well of whether how you could pick the best kettle perfect for gas stove. 

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